New Kart Track: PFI Grantham, UK

Welcome to PFI. The 2017 World Championship Kart Track, and one of Europe's premiere race tracks. Known for its under and over Litchfield Bridge and two fast straights, it is extremely technical with lots of overtaking opportunities, and sections where time can be won, or lost.

As with all UK tracks, weather plays a big part in your race strategy and planning. Here though, skill is the over-riding factor!

PFI is available in all tiers of the game.

Check out the real world track too.


XBOX and PS4 Controller Support

In this release we’ve added support for Playstation and Xbox controllers to hugely enhance your enjoyment and playing experience. Controls:

  1. Left Stick - steering

  2. Right Stick - look around

  3. Left Trigger - brake

  4. Right Trigger - accelerate

  5. Y/Triangle - call a marshal

  6. Options - quit

  7. A/X & X/Square - navigate race prep menus

We’ve added details in the video above on how to link up the controllers but there’s a full guide in the support docs too.


We’ve done lots of testing with both the PS4 DualShock Controller and the Xbox Controller and here’s our advice:

  1. PS4 requires a much lower controller sensitivity than the Xbox

  2. Xbox will need a higher sensitivity due to the range of travel in the left thumbstick.

  3. You can adjust your setting in Race Prep using the left slider

  4. If you need more lock INCREASE the sensitivity - e.g. Las Vegas has very tight corners

  5. If the track is fast REDUCE the sensitivity - e.g. Bondi

  6. Use Solo Practice to test on different tracks

Starting points…

Here’s our dev team’s starting points…

Ross (X30) settings:

PS4 Controller setting of 0.6 (Portugal), 0.7/0.75 for Las Vegas/Adria.

Xbox Controller setting of 1.0 (ALL)

Duncan (TKM) settings:

Xbox Controller setting of 1.0 (Rio), 1.1 (Parma)

New Karts in X30


Rosberg Racing Academy Karts, 2018 World Champion karts are available to unlock via the Rosberg Racing Academy Race Meet in X30 once per month.


Kart Republic Karts, based in Italy, they are the current World Champions. This chassis is set up for tight tracks and is available to unlock in the Kart Republic Race Meet in X30 once per month.