What is a Verified Account?

SK Verified Account status is for those who race in real-life and for well-known individuals.

It is designed to help you be identified in Street Kart, to confirm your real identity and highlight your real-life profile to other players.

Those with verified accounts include 2013 World Champion, Tom Joyner, 6 times Brazilian national winner, Olin Galli, numerous British and National title holders, USA Supernats winners Connor Wagner and Austin Wilkins, and many many others.


Mastering Street Kart takes more racing skill than any other mobile racing game. We want real-life racers to fight it out in Street Kart. The benefits of a Verified Account are:

  • Be easily identifiable - be verified real, no fakes!
  • Become ranked against other VAs in our official league.
  • Get exclusive SK56 products (tees, iphone cases, in-game items - such as sponsorships) only available to VAs.
  • Promote your own brand and build your real-life following from within the game.

How to Apply

If you race in any form of motorsport and would like an official Verified Account, you can apply below:

Name *
So we can Identify you in the game.
To prove you're a real racer.