Connect a new controller

You can use PS4 and Xbox One controllers to control your kart in the game. Follow these steps to set it up:

1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth

download (1).png

2. Make sure Bluetooth is On and you see a "Now discoverable as ..." text

download (2).png

If you don't see a "Now discoverable as..." text, tap "Allow New Connections":

download (3).png

3. Make sure your controller isn't paired with your console or other devices or make sure you're far from the console your controller is currently paired with. Otherwise, your controller would just connect to your console. Start pairing your controller to the iOS device:

a. In the PS4 controller: Press and hold down the PlayStation (lower middle logo) and Share buttons at same time until the LED indicators at the top starts rapidly blinking in white.

b. In the Xbox One controller: Press and hold the pairing button at the top until the Xbox button starts to blink rapidly.

4. You should then see the controller in the Other Devices group on your iOS device. Tap on the controller name to start pairing:

download (4).png

5. Once paired, you should see the controller in the My Devices list with the Connected status:

download (5).png

6. You can now launch Street Kart Racing and once you get to the dash, you should see a notification in the in-game header saying "Game controller connected":

download (6).png

And when you access the in-app Settings, you'll see that Kart Control is set to "Controller":

download (7).png

7. If you weren't notified about the controller being connected and you instead see this in the in-game Settings with the "Controller" Kart Control option grayed out:

Tap any button in the controller for the game to recognize it. It should update the in-app Settings screen to show that Kart Control is set to "Controller."

8. To start using it, just join any race. At the start of the race, you'll be shown how each button is mapped for the controller:

download (9).png

Disconnect the controller

1. Go to iOS Settings > Bluetooth again

2. Find and tap the controller in the "My Devices" list

3. Hit Disconnect

download (10).png

4. It should then show a "Not Connected" status in the "My Devices" list:

download (11).png

Reconnect an already paired controller

1. Again, go to iOS Settings > Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is On

2. Turn on your controller:

a. In the PS4 controller: Press the Playstation button (lower middle logo)

b. In the Xbox One controller: Press and hold the Xbox button (upper middle logo)

3. Its status in the "My Devices" should then change to "Connected"