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Note: The above footage was recorded in 2015 for the first beta test we ran. We've now closed Beta 4.


Thanks from all the team

Finally thanks so much for being part of the SK community and wanting to take part in the beta.

It is your support and following, liking, commenting, sharing and contributing that has made Street Kart possible. We know that it would never have happened if you hadn't stood up and said you want it. You're awesome (tears and sniffles).

With that said...

We look forward to kicking your ass on the track. ;)


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If you wish you can support the game further by purchasing apparel and accessories from our shop - and then sending us pics via #wheresthegrip or posting to our FB wall. We love seeing you wearing our stuff. And for really cool pics we'll probably send you some stickers.

All proceeds go back in to making the game and allowing us to develop it further for you.