We work everyday to make Street Kart Racing better and continue to earn your trust. Keeping SK authentic, competitive, fun.

Ross Grayle Jones (@Jonesy)

Street Kart Racing

“The most competitive racing game on mobile.”

Created by

Duncan Abbott and Ross Grayle Jones

Developed and Published by

Fat Cigar Productions Ltd

Written, Designed, Produced by

Duncan Abbott and Ross Grayle Jones


For Rosberg Racing Academy

Nico Rosberg

Pro Kart Racers

Kai Askey, Dexter Patterson, Marijn Kremers, Tom Joyner, Partricija Stalidzane, Olli Caldwell, Olin Galli

Additional Characters

SuperGT - Mechanic

Duncan Abbott - SK-Co-founder

Physics Development and Testing Team

Mandee Cabato, Niels Heusinkveld, Ross Grayle Jones, Marijn Kremers, Connor Wagner, Kai Askey, Duncan Abbott

Game Development and Coding

Duncan Abbott

Graphics, Design and Gameplay

For House of Aquarius Ltd

Jason Roberts (Graphics), Ross Grayle Jones (Music and SFX, Gameplay, Game Design, Video)


For Food For Benjamin Ltd

Duncan Abbott, Mandee Cabato, Jica Monsanto, Lolo Rodriguez, Chris, Alex A, Corrie Hiatt, Jo Abbott.

Support and QA

Danny Graham

Testing Team

(in no particular order)

Pete Williams, Manu Valencia, David Wiser, Craig Tygart, Tom Jones, David Staples, David Wagner, Brendon Baddiley, Elias Seppanen, Mike Burgin, Eduoard S, Edward Šubelj, Jamie Prendergast, Corrie Hiatt, Marijn Kremers, Connor Wagner, Jon Bentley, Will Gibson, Joel Herbert,


Benjy, Molly, Luca, Rafe, Jo and Francesca

and our beta testers who supported us for 7 years


Chris Walker (Kartpix), Phil Askey, Bruno Gorski, Stu Stretton, Davide P.

Kart Racers all around the world who sent in photos to us to use in Race Meet Tiles

Special thanks to…

(in no particular order)

Phil and Kai Askey, Sabrina and Remo Luciani, Ronni Sala, Euan Jeffrey, Joel Herbert, Jamie Prendergast, Elise and Paige Raddatz, Eoin Morrison, Marco M (Iame),

Very special thanks to…

Mike Anderson, Nick Edwards, Howard Cairns, Sarah Neri and our families who made SK possible.