Congratulations for being selected for the Street Kart Public Beta!

We're delighted to be able to confirm your application and using the form below we'll be able to give you a few nice perks as a thank you for helping us polish the game:

  1. EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the game if you're not in our Soft Launch Territories (Australia & New Zealand) months in advance of everyone else.
  2. FOUNDING MEMBER STATUS (as such you'll have an FM by your profie in the game so people know you were one of the first to get accesas and helped contribute to the development of the game.
  3. Choose YOUR OWN KART NUMBER using the form below. This will be for life!
  4. SPECIAL UNLOCKS only available to you when the game goes global (these are not performance enhancing, but there's some great liveries available, some special helmets and suits)
  5. EARLY UPDATE RELEASES, which means you'll get to try out updates of the game when the game is live and give feedback before they go on general release


We're 100% respectful of your privacy and keen to comply with GDPR so you know we'll look after you in the game.

The following form will help us identify you for the purposes of choosing your kart number and FM status.

Note: there are still spaces in the beta if you would like to invite your friends, but these will close on Wednesday 9th May 2018. The simplly have to fill in the VIP invite here